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Best iPhone Launchers For Android

These are the free iPhone Launchers for android at glance: * iPhone X Launchers * Launcher iOS 13 * X Launcher for iPhone * OS Launcher 12 * X Launcher Pro * Mac OS Style Launcher * Classy New OS 11 * Next Phone OS X launcher

3. X Launcher for iPhone

Here is another beautiful iPhone launcher which gives you the authenticexperience of iPhone in your android, where it will give you the latest OS 12control center with full of feature and toggles same like new iPhone Xs Max.What’s more is you will get the best live iPhone wallpaper with a plethora ofcategories you can choose like nature, cars, animals and many more, The bestpart in this launcher is notch if your android smartphones having notch then Xlauncher is a perfect fit for that, Furthermore, there are some more greatfeature that I liked the most such as here you can quickly organize your homescreen, frequently open an apps, icons badge, hide personal apps and much moreyou should have to try X launcher for notch smartphone experience.

8. Next Phone OS X Launcher

Here is another great iPhone launcher in iPhone 8 style which you can use inyour android smartphone its a multifunctional feature launcher where you willget a one-tap boost, folders, customizable os launcher and many more wonderfulfeature that makes it super fast in working if you have a low-end Androidsmartphone then next phone os launcher is the best you have to choose.

Launcher For Iphone 8

Smartphones remain as the powerful interface of all time, among them, Androidis the best choice. Though you will get the bunch of alternatives choice, Thatis Android OS. Apple iOS has the huge Competition with Google’s Android.Although you can also run Apple iPhone apps on your Android, you need to havethe iPhone look and it’s interface to get satisfied.Android Launchers also help to change your smartphone’s interface, it’s iconsstyle and much more. Overall you will notice the very faster Android userexperience. Among all the Android launchers you would get, Apple iPhonelaunchers are Different with others. Using this launcher you can quickly turnyour Android phone into the new iPhone system, only regarding the userexperience. If you need to have a different interface for your phone, Then youmight choose anyone from the best Android launchers to switch your userinterface and also home screen. So let’s have our look on some of the bestiPhone launchers for Android that is free to download.

xOS iPhone Launcher

Another top contender in our iOS Launcher list is xOS iPhone Launcher. One ofthe things that separate it from the rest of the pack is that it is able toprovide a smooth interface regardless if the Android smartphone features low-end hardware or not.It also delivers gorgeous effects and supports customization, which issomething users love to do frequently on their devices. If you have a low-endsmartphone and want to get the exact feel of an iOS interface, there is nobetter choice for you than the xOS iPhone Launcher.

Phone X Launcher

Are you impressed by the cohesive elements that you have seen on the iPhoneX’s default launcher but do not want to spend the same amount of money onbuying an iPhone X? Well, in that case, you do not have to worry as the PhoneX Launcher is a great option for you to choose from, and with this launcheravailable for free at the Google Play Store, you can convert your Androidphone into an iPhone X; well as far as the looks are concerned.However, there are some things that you must keep in mind; the launcher mimicsthe entirety of the iPhone X interface, which also includes the infamousnotch. Although the notch may not bother a lot of people, if you happen tohave a phone with no bezels, or a notch present, then it will look rathergood.However, on phones that have not given in on the notch fiasco, things mightnot look that good. The good thing here is that despite being fairly simple,the launcher does have some nice customization options available for the usersto use. You can easily customize the shortcut toggles by swiping up andopening the control center, and make some other changes as well.

iLauncher – Best iOS Launcher for Android

iLauncher shines in several regions and that is what has helped it become apart of the best iOS Launchers group. If you have continued to use Android fora better part of your life, it will take some getting used to. Still, you willfind it to your liking because there are a lot of customization optionsavailable plus those accurate transition effects and gestures are available tosome extent. Unfortunately, you’ll find them limited on the freeware of thislauncher.There are other features that are present with this launcher, such as the‘unread badge count’ but that is available in the paid version. If you’recontent in paying the extra money, then you would have gained access to a fewmore gestures and transition effects.

i6 Plus iOS Launcher

Using your detective skills, you should quickly have been able to deduce thati6 Plus iOS Launcher is derived from Apple’s highly popular iPhone 6.This iPhone Launcher gives the user a similar feeling of using an iPhone 6 andalthough it is a free-to-use application, it is loaded with a ton of ads,which is something users will not appreciate at all.Keeping the performance of the phone in mind, 6 Plus iOS Launcher delivers asmooth-performing home screen that feels snappy as soon as you start runningit. Even if it is in Android’s nature to become fragmented over time,hammering the performance of the phone as a result, you will not have to worryabout the home screen’s acting up with hang-ups or anything else for thatmatter.Using a few system resources, it is expected that you will have a fluid-running home screen irrespective if the phone ends up slowing down. Not justthis, but you have an interesting list of wallpapers to choose from tobeautify the home screen at will.Download i6 Plus Launcher

Launch Center Pro ($2.99) – Best Launcher for iOS

We just found an app which offers some great features to fulfill the needslaunchers are supposed to do, our pick of best launcher for iPhone or iOS is“Launch Center Pro” which allows you launch not only apps but particularoperations within the apps. * Launch Center Pro speeds up everyday tasks with easy shortcuts. It’s similar to speed dial for apps. * Provides shortcuts to thousands of apps * Notification Center support * Dark and light themes * Dropbox backups * 3D Touch support with customizable quick actions * Simple launch creation tool * Automation settings for launching at specific times or locations * Organizational groups are supported * IFTTT support * Saves time by launching complex actions in a single tap.These are features which make Launch Center Pro the best available launcherfor iOS devices. Try this and let us know your thoughts on this iPhonelauncher by commenting below.

Best iPhone Launcher For Android

Around 76% of smartphones user use the Android operating system. And remainingusers use iOS smartphones. In this article we will discuss Best iPhoneLauncher For Android.Most of the users love the android operating system because of customization.Android OS gives you access to customize your phone according to you. But theiPhone does not give you such type of customization options.Most of the users use Android because it is budget friendly and affordable forall users. Many smartphone user want to buy iPhone but they can’t.So, Don’t worry when I am with you. In this blog post, we will discuss theBest iPhone Launcher For Android.So, that your android phone is look like iPhone.Also read – 10 Best Gmail Alternative for Email in 2020

1. iPhone X Launcher – OS 13 Theme

This is the best Launcher to use in Android which name is iPhone X Launcher –OS 13 Theme. If you have low storage in your Android smartphone so don’t worrythis launcher is only of 3.3 Mb.iPhone X launcher is the best launcher that brings the best features ofretinal Launcher and Android Pie to your device, then adds a wealth ofcolorful, customized, and unique.iPhone X Launcher is a launcher that combines the advantages of Android andOS11, using a flat design style to make the interface more beautiful.Updated OS 13 is an Android theme with 3D special effects, 3D weather widget,beautifully themed app icons, and Dreams Fantasy Prince Love Eagle wallpapers.Also read – How To Share Screen On Zoom Video Call in 2020

4. Launcher iOS 13

The Launcher iOS 13 makes your android phone like iOS 13. This theme is reallyawesome. The best part of it is it has 10M + downloads on google play storeand 4.3 stars rating which is pretty good.The app size is only of 6.8 Mb.This is the best launcher I’ve ever used. Very simple and very straightforward. They got the unlock phone animation exactly like on the iPhone,opening and closing apps, we could change icons, the power consumption is verygood too. And my phone has become smoother after using this.I don’t even know-how, it is also completely free, no in-app purchases.However you could make more improvement, like changing the font, and also,make the swipe down search bar can be canceled by swiping up.Some features of this launcher is given below – * Supported: control center * supported: Assistive Touch * Change your wallpaper the same as real iOS devices.

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