1 California Institute of the Arts

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2. Columbus College of Art and Design

* * *Columbus, OH * Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design * Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation * Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration * Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media StudiesAs an animation major at the Columbus College of Art and Design, you aretaught to bring life into your animations. They emphasize the importancestoryboarding and storytelling, coupled with the technical ability inanimation software and technology.This course combines skills from lighting, digital modeling, motion graphics,game art, experimental animation, and 2D and 3D animation, to create aholistic learning experience that serves as the complete package for studentslooking to go far in the Animation industry.The school also provides masterful guidance from faculty who are currentprofessionals in the industry, with top facilities that allow them access tothe best computers and software to create their animations. The industry-standard facilities include a stop-motion lab with Dragonframe and DSLRs, theSandbox Student Lounge, and 21-inch Cintiq tablets.

1. California Institute of the Arts

* * *School of Film/Video * Bachelor of Fine Arts * Master of Fine ArtsThe Character Animation program gives you an understanding of the art ofcharacter performance in story-driven digital designs. Individuals receivetop-level artistic and technical training in both computer-generatedenvironments as well as traditional animator methods.

18. Maryland Institute College of Art

* * *AnimationYou’ll receive hands-on experience with the latest design tools and softwareused by professional animators across the globe. College graduates leave theschool fully capable of producing 2D and 3D animation as well as stop motionfor games, movies, and more.

20. Academy of Art University

* * *School of Animation & Visual Effects * Online Certificate * Associate of Arts * Bachelor of Fine Arts * Master of Fine ArtsAspiring 2D or 3D animators have plenty of degrees in animation to choose fromat The Academy of Art that match their desired level and prepare them for arewarding career.This dynamic program also prepares you if you prefer a role as a storyboardartist or visual effects artist. There are three areas of emphasis:Storyboarding, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, 2D Animation, and Stop Motion, andVisual Effects.

21. Laguna College of Art and Design

* * *AnimationLaguna College boasts a number of degree programs that can lead to a career asan animator, with the B.F.A. in Animation being the best choice. Other optionsare the Game Art and Design + Digital Media programs. Graduates animators fromthis school are found in top studios like Pixar, DreamWorks, ObsidianEntertainment, Sony, and more.

36. Otis College of Art and Design

* * *Digital MediaDigital Media incorporates three useful and popular areas of study: Animation,Motion Design, and Game & Entertainment Design. OTIS alumni can be found attop companies like WETA, Sony Online Entertainment, Blizzard, Electronic Arts,Pixar, DreamWorks, Disney, and more.

44. Minneapolis College of Art and Design

* * *AnimationYou’ll make use of the latest technology while learning how to produce yourown 3D, 2D, and stop-motion animations. Top courses include 3D Modeling,Storyboard, Advanced 3D Animation Seminar, Advanced Animation Seminar, andmore. Students also get unique training in hand-drawn 2D production.

Level 2: The 3D Animation Associate Degree

Progressing to the next level of education available in the animation field,we arrive at the Associate Degree.This typically two-year program adds in not just core classes, but otherprerequisite courses at the college level that result in a more well-roundededucation.The animation classes that you will take during the pursuit of this degree canvary.Some schools offer multiple tracks for degree completion that may result inApplied Science or Arts degrees in: * Multimedia * Graphic design * Game design * Animation specialtiesGraduates from these types of programs can expect to obtain entry-levelemployment in animation studios, advertising companies, design firms and othercreative artist positions.As this article points out, just one generation ago, all animation was done byhand. Delving into the history of animation, you discover the incredibletalents of those who worked animation magic with pen and paper.

Level 3: The Bachelor Degree

The exponential growth of the industry had lead to an equal rise ineducational requirements for those at the top of the field.For this reason, there are a ton of Bachelor Degrees in Animation availablefor serious aspiring animators.When enrolling in a Bachelor of Animation Class or training program you canexpect to learn the core skills of animation, the software, and tools used bypros, as well as a specialty to focus on for your career.The Most Popular Bachelor Degree Programs Include:

Level 4: The Master Degree

At the pinnacle of animation education sits the Master’s Degree in Fine Artswith a concentration in Animation, Design and Production.These degrees are not as widely offered as certificates, associate andbachelor degrees.Individuals who take their education to the top with a M.F.A are usuallyseeking higher-level positions in the industry such as: * Producer * Creator * Project Director * Studio ExecutiveThis advanced degree also adds in unique components (not usually found in lessintense degrees) such as: * Management * Production Skills * Logistics * FinanceIn order to gain admittance to these selective programs, one must alreadypossess a valid Bachelor’s Degree in an Animation field and compete for aplace in the program.Upon completion, one can expect to gain a more lucrative position in thefield. Some individuals obtain this degree in order to teach at theseprestigious universities and transfer their knowledge to up and cominganimators.To set the record straight, there aren’t any Doctoral degrees in animationcurrently available in the U.S.If your passion extends to the height of wanting to pursue your Doctoratedegree in Animation, you will have to look outside the US to find a suitableprogram.Most people who pursue a degree in digital arts at this level are oftenseeking to teach at universities or work at the highest level of the industry.This degree is extremely rare and takes years to complete.

3. Academy of Art University

* * *Animation and Visual Effects Program * Associate’s Degree * Bachelor’s Degree * Master’s Degree * Master’s of Fine Arts * Certificate Programs

8. Savannah College of Art and Design

* * *Animation * Bachelor’s Degree (35 hours) * Master’s Degree (45 hours) * Master’s of Fine Arts (90 hours)

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