1 2 Android File Transfer for PC Using Coolmuster Android Assistant

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Step 3 Transfer Selected Files from Android to Mac

Now you will be able to transfer file from your Mac computer to your androidphone and vice versa. Hover around through the apps, contacts, messages,photos, music, etc. to navigate through the specific file types. You will beable to import files directly from your computer to android phone using thissoftware.Android Assistant for Mac not only helps to transfer file from your Maccomputer to Android phone but also it helps to create and restore backupfiles. You can manage your contacts and messages using the same software, asimple solution to all of your android problems. Also, the same software canbe used to diagnose iOS devices too.How to Transfer Music from Computer to Android for FreeToday people would like to enjoy music on their Android phone. They can listento music on the Android phones and share music with friends. There is a needfor you to transfer music from computer to Android phone so that you canlisten to your favorite music on the go, it’s obvious that you cannot moveyour computer to every place but you can take your Smartphone to anywhere withease.You might backup your lovely music to computer from iTunes, iCloud or othersource and now want to get the music to your Android phone. These are the mainreasons behind the transferring music from computer to Android phone. Here are6 free ways to do so.

Part 3: Transfer Files from Computer to Android Phone Using Bluetooth

Step 1. Go to Bluetooth in the computer and in the Android phone>go to devices& printers in the computer and click add a device>select the device and thenclick next.Step 2.The computer will give you a code to assure that you are connecting tothe desired device; the same code will appear on the Android phone, verify andcontinue with the application. The two devices will be paired and the musicfile transfer is ready to use.

4. Download Android File Transfer

This is only for mac users. Download Android File Transfer program from itsofficial website. Now connect your android mobile to your Mac and open thisprogram in your Mac.Android File Transfer for Mac

Part 1: Top 6 Android Transfer Tools to Transfer Files from Android to PC

for Free1. dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android)dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android) is a backup tool that allows you to transferfiles from Android to PC for backup in 1 click. And you can restore the datato any of your phone later. Just free download it and enjoy more benefits fromit.Best way to backup files from your Android to computer * Back up all the data on your device including files, music, photos, videos, apps, messages, call logs, contacts, SMSs and more. * You can use to selectively backup data on your device. This means that you can choose to back up one of the videos on your device instead of backing up all of them. 2,965,271 people have downloaded itHow to transfer files from Android to PC with dr.foneStep 1. Connect Android device to PC.Step 2. Open the backup files you want to restore.Step 3. Preview and select backup files.* * *2. AirdroidAirdroid is a recommended app to move files across networks. It becomes fullyequipped to use your phone without actually touching it. It isn’t limited tofile transfers.When you first run the app from your phone, you will need to either sign in orregister. You can sign in with your email or use your Google, Twitter, orFacebook as an alternate sign-in instead. After that, start set up, you’llhave a screen that shows two links to go to on your desktop: the AirDroid sitefor accessing your device over the same WiFi network or a specific IP addressfor accessing it remotely.If you ever need remote access away from home, you can still use AirDroidalthough it does cap you at a 500 MB monthly limit of transfers. While overthe same WiFi, there’s no limit to the amount of files you can transfer.Some things you can do with Airdroid aside from file transfer are: controlyour Android from the computer, use any apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and Lineand send and receive messages. You can download it for free from Google play.* * *3. ES File ExplorerES File Explorer is a great tool for managing files and programs. It lets youcopy and cut, rename, delete, search through, and explore the properties ofyour phone’s files and folders. You can create new folders as well. Onceconnected with your computer, you can share files back and forth using ES FileExplorer.ES File Explorer is a popular utility that comes pre-installed on your Androiddevice. If it doesn’t have it, you can download it free from Google Play andprocess Android to PC file transfer for free.* * *4. MobizenMobizen is an impressive app that comes with stunning features allowing you totransfer data from Android to PC for free. The basic premise behind the app isthat it offers you a free way of easily mirroring your Android to a PC. Youcan connect over WiFi, USB or 3G.Some of the features the app offers once connected are screen recording,smartphone notification, drag-and-drop file transfer from Android to computerand from computer to Android and a lot more. Only, you need internetconnection with this. Overall, this is one of the best apps. It is completelyfree!* * *5. PushbulletPushbullet is designed to send Android notifications to your PC desktop, suchas phone calls, messages, app updates, etc.Once you’re set up and opened PushBullet.com in your desktop browser andsigned in with the same Google account in your Android, it becomes a sharingoption too. Pushbullet connects your devices, making them feel like one.However, permission must be assigned manually.* * *6. Sync by BitTorrentSync by BitTorrent is an app that can synchronize any folder on your Androidwith a folder on your PC. It can be set to automatically sync or not. What’sgood about this app is you do not need internet to sync because the localnetwork will do. Unlimited file size to sync. Permission is required before adevice can access your folder thereby making your files secured.

Android File Transfer (Windows/Mac) – Transfer Android Files to/from

ComputerSometimes, you will find yourself in need to transfer files between yourAndroid device and computer, but continuously plugging in a USB cable can bequite tiring and annoying. The process of moving data from your Android deviceto a Windows PC is a straightforward task. In this article, you will learnabout the best methods to employ when performing a phone file transfer. Hereare the best ways to use:Part 1: Android File Transfer for Windows PC 1.1: Android File Transfer for Windows 10 with Windows File Explorer 1.2: Android File Transfer for PC Using Coolmuster Android Assistant 1.3: Transfer Files from Android to PC with Bluetooth Part 2: Android File Transfer for Mac Computer 2.1 How to Transfer Files from Android to Mac with using Android File Transfer 2.2 How to Transfer Files from Android to Mac with Coolmuster AndroidAssistant for Mac

1.2: Android File Transfer for PC Using Coolmuster Android Assistant

When it comes to Android file transfer for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, theAndroid File Transfer Windows app – Coolmuster Android Assistant is the bestapplication to use. First, here are the primary features of the program.Primary Features* It uses a single click to backup and restores all Android files on the computer. The data transferred retains its quality by 100%.* It allows you to transfer SMS, contacts, music, call logs, photos, albums, videos, eBooks, apps, audios, among others between your computer and Android phone.* The app allows you to add, delete, edit, and unduplicate contacts on computer.* It has the ability to send and reply texts directly via the PC.* It installs and uninstalls applications from PC.* It deletes, exports, and imports Android call logs.* It imports and exports contacts to and from Outlook.How to Transfer Files to Computer from Android with a Single ClickFirst, download and run the app on your computer. Coolmuster Android Assistanthas a one-click backup & restore feature to allow you to transfer the entireAndroid data to the computer or transferring by category. With a simple singleclick, you can back up the whole Android data to the PC. Besides, it allowsyou to restore the backed up files back to the Android device with a singleclick.To achieve this, please follow these steps:* Connect your Android phone to computer with a USB cable or Wi-Fi.* Go to the ‘Super Toolkit’ option and select the option of ‘Backup’.* After getting to the main interface, choose the contents you need to back up.* Select the output destination where you want the files stored on the computer.* Tap the ‘Back Up’ icon to save the data on the right destination.Video TutorialVIDEO

Part 2: Android File Transfer for Mac Computer

If you have a Mac PC, the process of transferring files from your Android tothe Mac computer is somehow complicated. Nevertheless, worry no less becauseyou will get what you are looking for here. Here is the process to follow whenmoving files from the Android device to the Mac computer.

2.1 How to Transfer Files from Android to Mac with using Android File

Transfer* Download Android File Transfer, then drag ‘Android File Transfer’ to ‘Application’. And run the official Google application.To use this application, your Mac must be using the OS X 10.5 or later. On theother hand, the Android phone must be operating Android 3.0 or higher.* Once these optimums are met, plug your Android phone to the Mac PC.* Turn the phone’s screen ‘ON’ by unlocking it.* Ensure that the type of connection selected between your phone and Mac PC is either ‘File transfer’ or ‘Transfer files’.* A successful connection will automatically open the Android File Transfer program on your Mac.* Browse your device’s internal storage and transfer the files that you want to move.Notes: If this program fails to work for your case, consider using theincreasingly popular third-party apps.

2.2 How to Transfer Files from Android to Mac with Coolmuster Android

Assistant for MacCoolmuster Android Assistant for Mac is a program that helps you manageAndroid contents like videos, music, contacts, photos, SMS, and applicationson your Mac with ease. It is the Mac version of Coolmuster Android Assistantmentioned above.Steps to Follow* Download and run the app on your Mac PC.* Ensure that the phone connects to the Mac successfully via USB cable or Wi-Fi. After that, you can now manage Android files on Mac freely.- Backup Android Device in Bulk or individually:* Your phone’s data will be listed on the program’s main application.* Select the files you want to back up on your phone.* Tap on the files to move and then click on the ‘Export’ icon to transfer files to the Mac.- One-click to Transfer Android Files on Mac:If you don’t want to move files to Mac one by one, but instead transfer thementirely, Android Assistant for Mac is the best app to use. In addition, theprogram allows you to restore the backed up files back to the phone. The onlything you need to do is to:* go to the ‘Super Toolkit’ and select the ‘Backup’ option.* Choose the files you want to backup.* Select the output location on your Mac computer to save the files.* Tap the ‘Backup’ icon to save the data on the required location.Extra tips: How to Restore Files from Mac to Android?* Select the backup files you want.* Choose the files you need to restore, and tap on the ‘Restore’ button.* Start restoring the selected data back to the Android device.SummaryWhen it comes to transferring files from your Android phone to a Windows orMac computer, Coolmuster Android Assistant and Coolmuster Android Assistantfor Mac are the best application to use. Besides, it can do much more stuff aswell. The features of this program include, sending and receiving SMS directlyfrom your PC, modifying contacts, downloading and installing applications, andmuch more. Now, if faced with the challenges of transferring files betweenyour phone and computer, you know the best app to utilize.Related Articles:Top-Rated Approaches in Transferring Files from Android to Mac EffectivelyHow to Transfer Videos/Photos between Huawei and Computer?The Favorite Methods to Transfer Videos from Android to Mac, without StrugglesOne-shop Android File Transfer Alternative for MacTransfer Files/Data from Lenovo Phone to ComputerHow to Copy Files between HTC One/Desire HD/Sensation and Computer?7 Free Apps to Transfer Files between Android and Mac over WiFiEven though the Mac computer and Android mobile devices are tough to worktogether, there are a couple of good solutions to pair and transfer filesbetween Android and Mac over Wi-Fi. Most of the time you may need to transferphotos and videos from Android to Mac or may need to copy your favorite musicfrom your Mac to Android phone.When you want to Android file transfer for Mac, the fast and reliable solutionis to use a USB cable to connect to Android device and Mac. By default, Macfinder will consider your Android device as an external disk, and you canexplore folders through the finder. Still, the pairing between your Mac andAndroid depends on the operating system on both devices and the compatibilitybetween the Operating system.Here we are going to discuss how to transfer files between Mac and Androidover WiFi without any cables.

How to Transfer file from Mac to Android

In this section we will show a guide by guide step on five different workableways in which you can use to import file from Mac to Android. Without furtherado, let us get started on the first method.

Part 2. How to transfer file from Mac to Android using Android File

TransferHave you tried connecting your Android phone directly to Mac in a bid totransfer files? Well, you will notice that Mac does not detect the Androidphone hence you need to install Android File Transfer app. This is alightweight app that allows makes Android phone detectable on Mac OS Xplatforms with its main purpose being transfer of files. To transfer filesfrom Mac to Android using Android File Transfer app follow the guide below.Step 1 Open your Mac browser and search for Android Transfer File. Next, clickon “Download” and you see a .dmg file.Step 2 Next, install the .dmg file by following the wizard on the screen andthen open the Android File Transfer tool.Step 3 Now, use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to your Maccomputer. You will notice that this time your Android phone has been detected.Step 4 Click on your Android phone on your Mac and then go to Mac folders andchoose the file that you want to move to Android. You can either drag and dropit to Android folder or right click on the file and send it to your Androiddevice.Step 5 Lastly, wait for the file or files to be transferred from Mac toAndroid before you can eject your Android phone.With Android File Transfer you can easily move files from Mac to Androidwithout hassle.

Method 2: Transfer Photos from Huawei to Mac with Android File Transfer

Taking help of a tool named Android File Transfer is another way in the listto transfer files from Huawei to Mac. With the help of this, you can easilytransfer videos, photos and music. Following are the steps to transfer photosfrom Huawei to Mac using this method.Step 1: First of all, download and install Android File Transfer on your Mac.Step 2: Get the USB cable supplied with the Android device and use it connectyour device with the Mac.Step 3: Now, you are supposed to give permission to further the process. Forthis, tap “Yes, Allow Access” on your Huawei device in order to grantaccess.Step 4: Launch Android File Transfer now and go to the “DCIM” folder. Openthe “Camera” subfolder now.Step 5: Begin to select the photos that you want to transfer. After doingthis, drag the selected photos to the folder you want.Step 6: You can detach the USB cable now and you are done with Huawei to Mactransfer.

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